Professional project (Internship)

Project role : Game and level design intern
Type: adventure/storytelling
Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, Xone
July 2016 - December 2016

Ys Interactive is a french studio adaptating a famous comic book serie. 

This internship was the opportunity to work on a narrative video game as a level and mission designer, my main tasks were:

  • Mission design : worked closely with writers to translate story events into missions the player would play through. I was in charge of creating cohesive narrative puzzles and story events in missions. 
  • Level design: build greyblocks according to designed missions and worked closely with level artists. 
  • Game design: I was in charge of designing QTEs sequences. More over, I had to initialize a pipeline for the qte design. Which documents to write in which order, how to write them… 
  • Writing: as part as my mission design tasks, I had to write dialogues or some story events for the game.

Achievements during this internship : 

  • Worked actively on my first narrative video game in the video game industry 
  • Applied the four layers of narrative design from Frictional Games
  • Helped to create narrative guidelines for level and mission design