This War of Mine

Professional project (Internship)

Project role : Game Design Intern
Xbox One/PS4
June 2015 - September 2015

11 Bit Studios is Polish video game developer mostly known for Anomaly : Warzone Earth and This War of Mine.

During a four month internship, I've been involved in the console version of This War of Mine : The Little Ones. Here's what I've done :

  • Game Design : as the production came to its end, I mainly worked on design issues due to the portage on PS4 et Xbox One. My main task was to find easy and quick ways to fix design issues. I also designed and integrated force feedbacks.
  • Achievement Design : according to Sony and Microsoft guidelines, I had to adapt existing achievements to PS4 and Xbox One and design new achievements related to children.
  • QA : I tested, reported bugs, helped tweaking the game and children AI. 

This War of Mine was my first professional project within the video game industry.