Sink or Swim

Sink Or Swim

School Project
Project role: Game designer, sound designer, additional scripting
Type: co-op/action
April - May 2015

Swim or Sink is the result of a two month rush with a four members team. It's a action video game in 2D where players have to cooperate in a submarine to drive it and find chests in a deep ocean. But enemies and other dangers are here to stop them in their mission.

After Old Salts, I wanted to work on another co-op game. For I knew the design issues about co-op, we tried to not make the same mistakes. The result is a small prototype where communication between players is crucial. One of the biggest strength of our design is that players communicated naturally, because it appeared like the first thing to do. Five minutes after the beginning, it's a real mess. Players are overwhelmed by enemies and water leaks in the submarine. But when they went through it and fix the situation, they had a real sense of accomplishment.