School Project | Final Year

Project Role : Game/level/narrative designer
Type: Adventure
Platform: PC
Octobre 2015 - June  2016

Nejd is a third person exploration game developed in a 7 team members. The player interacts with a flying and intelligent creature which becomes their mount to help them explore an open world. The player learns to communicate with the creature. Through storytelling and this relationship, the two friends can solve mysteries and keep up the exploration of an unkwown and mysterious world.

I was involved in the project as:

  • narrative designer: I firstly crafted a story in order to give a setting to the game concept.  Waad, the player's avatar, has been sent on Nejd, a mysterious planet newly discover, in order to find a scientist crew who has gone missing. On the planet, she finds nothing but a strange creature : Tsuurai. The latter becomes her mount to fly in Nejd. Through this exploration, the player will discover the story of the planet, the ancient civilization who lived there, and the reasons of the scientits' vanishing. Notes, audio records ,frescos, dialogues, these are many examples of content I will design in order to tell the story to the players.
  • game designer: I worked on the interactions between Waad, the avatar's player, and Tsuurai, the creature. Waad has no super powers, and has to learn to communicate with Tsuurai to use its powers when the player would need it, to solve puzzles.
  • level designer: I created the missions players had to do in the game, as well as the levels themselves. 

This final year project taught me a lot on narrative design, for I didn't have the opportunity to apply and improve my knowledge in storytelling yet. Nejd was made with those incredible people: Célia Gironnet, Mathieu Leclercq, Marie Magny, Pierre Mervaillie, Pierre-Jean Morieux and Gautier Tintillier.