Professional project (Internship)

Project role : Game Design Intern
Type: Survival/Simulation
Platform: NA
June 2015 - September 2015

11 Bit Studios is Polish video game developer mostly known for Anomaly : Warzone Earth and This War of Mine.

During a four month internship, I've been involved in the console version of This War of Mine : The Little Ones and a recently announced project : Frostpunk.

I can't say much about the project, which gameplay and mechanics are yet to be announced. I worked as a game designer on the project.

  • Business intelligence: for a few days, I played similar games to Frostpunk and made feedbacks to the team about it. What was good, what was wrong about game design? Did it have a message? Was it clear? How did they do? How did this game mechanic work?
    What I learned from this task is that you can't ignore video games that have been made before. This one of the best way to avoid mistakes they've done or the mistakes you could do but they didn't or how to separate your game with the other similar games.
  • Game design: I worked on the alpha, made feedback and exposed ideas to improve, clear up game mechanics in the project. My main task was to find a way, in the design, to expose a lot of intel to players in a readable and cohesive way with the world we were building.
  • AI design: I worked with the AI designer of the team to solve the intel issue. We tried to find a way to show some intels through NPCs' behavior, animations... Working closer with the AI designer was enlighting on how important it was for a game designer, or game developer in general, to have a wide knowledge of every part, every job in game development.

Frostpunk is alike This War of Mine for the meaningful choices the player has to make in the game. Facing the consequences of their choices. Working on Frostpunk, which development started as I arrived at 11 bit, was the opportunity to work on a project that reflects my own interest in video games. Meaningful experiences, choices that need the players to be involved, make the players feel involved in what game developers want to demonstrate in their games.