Dead Maze

Professional project 
Project role : Game, Narrative and Quest Designer
Type: MMORPG/Hack'n slash/Survival
Platform: PC
July 2017 - December 2017
Atelier 801 is a french indie game studio best known for Transformice. They are now working on Dead Maze, a 2D MMO game set in a destroyed contemporary world, filled with zombies. The players need to explore the world, scavenge and craft as many items as possible in order to survive the hostile environment.

For six months, my game design tasks were :

  • Combat balancing : since Dead Maze had more than one hundred weapons in game, I was in charge of balancing and testing damages, combos, durability, speed of attack.
  • Combat Design : I also created new weapons and new skills to create diversity in the way players could fight. I designed long distance weapons (guns, grenades) and balanced them.
  • Survival balancing: in this open world, the players have to survive by looting and crafting food and weapons. My work on this task was to balance loot frequency, its quality. As for the craft system, I balanced recipes, their costs, resources. 
  • Survival mechanics design : with the creative direction, we went through several iterations of survival gameplay mechanics. The only contraint was to make these mechanics separated with time, i.e: the avatar shouldn't be exhausted through time, but through actions in game such as looting, fighting...
  • Updating GDD : I formalized and wrote a GDD for the team.
  • Debug and testing: debug was a major task in order to tweak combat and survival mechanics. 

As a narrative designer, my tasks were:

  • Writing : I created content to fill Dead Maze with lore. Through the game, the players can find notes, pictures... Everything had to be written or described. The goal was to tell survivors' stories, or stories about the world just before the apocalypse. I wrote in english and french. 
  • Translation: alongside the creative director, I translated existing dialogues, notes and narrative texts from english to french.  

I can provide you a sample of texts I wrote and translated for the game.

As a quest designer :

I designed, tested, and assisted in scripting secondary quests. These quests were made to make the world of Dead Maze even more believable and add content to the game. As a quest designer, I helped creating guidelines and a pipeline to produce secondary quests quickly and easily. I was also the narrative designer of these quests.