School Project

Project role : Lead Game Designer, Creative Director
Type: tamagotchi
March 2015

Care is a game made in a two weeks rush in partnership with Gameloft. In the game, you have to take care of a creature before it die. Growing plants, cooking food, nursing the creature... Among an eleven members team, I was lead game designer and gave the creative direction of the project. We developed simple interactions because we wanted a game easy to play, even for a casual player. The game is calm, relaxing, and thanks to our artists, gorgeous. I learned a lot while I was working on the project. It was the first project where I could lead a strong and unique creative vision, which I really enjoyed. I closely worked with the lead game artist and game producer to make this vision possible, playable, and enjoyable for players.

Want to try? You can download the build, or play it on itchio